Friday, May 11, 2007

The "almost" perfect journal

I have started a new journal. This one is loosely titled "Flotsam". I made and bound the book myself. I don't have any pictures of the outside of the book yet as it isn't complete. It is made of 1/4 inch plywood covered with great papers and some Titanic images, has 4 signatures, pages of Bristol board and double waxed linen binding. This book lies completely flat when open, making it really easy to work in. It's so good and sturdy and will surely stand up to the harsh treatment that I am sure to give it. The ONLY thing that would make it any better would be that pages could easily be taken out or added. It is the "almost" perfect journal
and likely the closest I will ever come to perfect. I have planned this journal for all the found objects and papers and "stuff" that I keep finding on my walks. I have developed quite a collection and it's time to start doing something with it. On the right side of this spread is a piece of nylon band strapping (like what is used to hold bundles of wooden planks together). For 3 days I tripped over this piece of strapping before deciding to pick it up and take it home. I only used a portion of it and incorporated brass wire and glass pony beads with it ... I do like the effect. I have been busy with my collage dolls so my journaling work will be limited from now till October. I do have a few journals ready and waiting for entries when I get a chance though.


Monika said...

Great colours.

Chandra Thomason said...

Hi Ingrid,
The journal sounds cool--I love how you're incorporating all your found (literally!)objects in it.
Take care!

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