Sunday, April 27, 2008

New idea for Vessels...again

I have been working very hard on new designs for my wearable collage Vessels for quite some time now. They are slowly evolving into what I imagined them to be in the first place. I find this very exciting. Looking at these tiny antique dolls, I am thinking how wonderful it would be to make something on this line out of clay (but even smaller) to incorporate into the Vessel pieces. I could make beads that would be used on the chain that they Vessels hang from or with a great deal of modification I could make doll part Vessels. Just looking at these tiny dolls give me so many ideas! Now, making the original clay pieces, molds, pouring parts, firing (and filling a kiln that takes FOREVER) and THEN making the actual Vessels will be months and months down the road. Why is it that I continue to get myself involved with work that is so amazingly time intensive?! But then again, I suppose my passion for visual journaling, with immediate results, rather balances that out.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had one of those cupie dolls as a child, but it was much larger than the one you have.

I often say I'm impatient and want to make something that is immediate. Then, like you, I work on something so labor intensive that I wonder where I got the patience. I can tell you really enjoy making these vessels, though, so keep coming up with ideas. I really love them all.


Tricia said...

Ingrid, I LOVE the idea of incorporating these little dolls into your work!! it'll be wonderful..I KNOW!

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