Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Leftover Object Journal"

So much for my new "Found Object Journal"...another time for that one. Instead I have found that as this Exquisite Corpse Project draws to a close I have made one too many covers. I also have a lot of left over "stuff" that is far too good to throw in the trash can. I can take all this "stuff" and make a wonderful everyday journal out of it. If there are extra completed pages (which there will be, as I have made too many and I believe a few other people have too) left over from the project I can also incorporate them into the journal as well and make it quite interactive. So, I guess instead of the "Found Object Journal" I had planned, this is a "Leftover Object Journal" ..... probably a better idea anyways.


Eastjewels said...

Sounds good to me kid...I just love left overs...I can not believe that the words "Trash Can" are even in your vocabulary...just think about the infamous "Mat Board" from your mom's house...Eastism.."Never throw anything away"

Christy said...

hey, I have two complete sets (108 sections x 2) leftover due to a cutting error or size error. i've no clue what to do with them but i saved em. i could not upon death have thrown them away... sigh

Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid,

I was wondering where you find your images of the skeleton with the glass in its hand, as well as the man on the skates/wheels.

Thank you! I am inspired by you.


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