Saturday, June 07, 2008

I found a kiln

So, I am wondering ... how does a person get so wrapped up in life that they can "forget" that they own a kiln?! I just think this is really ridiculous. So after "remem- bering" that I own an addition kiln, we pulled it out, cleaned it up, checked it out, loaded it up and have it firing right now. It's full of tiny doll parts ... reproductions of antique dolls. I plan to grungy them up and incorporate them into the Vessels pieces. It's so funny, seems that every time I come up with something that I think is new I start seeing it everywhere, just as with doll parts in jewelry. I am pleased to have "found" this little kiln so that I can fire up these parts before everyone in the world is using doll parts. I Think this little kiln is going to be a life saver as it takes FOREVER to fill up the big kiln, especially if I am working with such tiny pieces. For now I guess it will sit on top of the big kiln. I have my 220 outlet and exhaust fan there, so I guess that'll work. Highly doubt I will fire both kilns at the same time. If I find that I start using this little kiln a lot then perhaps we'll find a permanent location for it, but for now this works.


Cheeka said...

"how does a person get so wrapped up in life that they can "forget" that they own a kiln?!"

I love this! I could totally do it. On a much smaller note, I have been lusting after a soldering iron - finally bought one and all the stuff, got home, was putting my things away and FOUND A SOLDERING IRON among my things that I had never used - had forgotton I bought it years ago. So don't feel bad!

Great site! I heart all your stuff!


Mary S Hunt said...

i sure wish I HAD one of those!
I need another kiln!

good for you
and I get so inspired with your work EVERY time I visit your blog

thank you

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