Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Steampunk Princesses

Fortunately I found the necessary parts to make more of the birdcages as shown in a previous post. So, I have been busy making quite a few of the Elfins with birdcages in different colors. Now I am now on to something a bit different. Still working on the Elfins, but have given several of them dresses which I have never done before and painted the faces differently. I feel they have a real "Steampunk" quality to them, which I am rather pleased with. I realized that I have several large bins full (yes, ridiculous quantities) of antique lace and trims. I really should be using it. I also have hugh amounts of antique buttons and I won't even begin to mention the amount of beads I have. Another one of those things I sort of forgot I had. I want to start using this stuff as this is why I have it. These figures will be available at the Michigan Renaissance Festival this season. All photos enlarge to see more detail.


Dana Loffland said...

Oh, Ingrid, these Steam Punk Fairies are so perfect I could cry! Love the colors on their faces. So shabby sweet.


Joy Logan said...

OMG these dolls are beyond adorable! very time I see your dolls I can't believe my eyes. I wouldn't be able to make a decision anymore on which one I love most. Love the sassy hands on hips look!

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