Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Journal page and a new scanner/printer

I guess I finally crammed the last unacceptable item into my scanner/printer and really did it in this time. I loved my scanner/printer. It was a Lexmark and was so very forgiving when it came to my scanning and printing needs for these past years. I need machines I can abuse ... a sewing machine that will sew leather, cardboard and the occasional window screen .... a printer that will at least attempt to print on aluminum foil, fabric and sandpaper ... a scanner bed that will accommodate large 3 dimensional items and can hold up to dried paint being scrapped off with a razor blade. I do require my machines to push the limits at times. I wanted to replace my printer with exact same model again, but of course it isn't made anymore. I had to settle for a new model Lexmark with all the bells and whistles that I really don't want. This model scans, copies, faxes and I believe it will toast and probably iron clothing with an additional attachment. I just want the basics, but a work horse. Perhaps it just needs some tweaking, but I am less than pleased with the scanning results so far. I suppose it's just that I find new and improved replacement machines of any type require far too much brain power to learn ... sort of like our new TV that I can't figure out how to turn on.


Suzan Buckner said...

Hey! I love your journal pages. I went from a lexmark(older), and I loved it, but it got to where the ink was SO HARD TO FIND, and expensive to boot.

This time I bought a Lexmark, took it back--bought an HP, took it back, and finally found nirvana with an Epson Stylus. It's such a beautiful, wonderful machine. Good luck with your new Lexie!!

I was reading the journal page-and sorry the festival hasn't done well...The economy is horrible, and nothing is doing well right now. I sell antiques at our local town flea market once a month, and sells have been bad. Labor day is suppose to be our biggest month, but I am just praying that I made a thousand this weekend. (last year, I made almost $2000 for 3 days!)let's just cross our fingers and pray that it gets better!!

seth said...

Loving the freedom and colors of your journal pages. Great banner too!

Lindart said...

Love love love this journal!! I think I'm ready to move onto something other than a comp book, & try different kinds of journals.

Jane said...

Wow....a machine that sews, leather, cardboard etc.??
That's my dream!

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