Sunday, August 10, 2008

A successful firing of doll parts

About 2 months ago I fired several doll parts in my small kiln which just never came up to the proper temperature, so the parts were unusable. Finally I have gotten around to pouring more parts and have filled up the big kiln for a successful firing. This is the first piece I have made using the doll parts and I am pretty excited about it. There are several different types of little dolls and 2 different styles of mermaids. I just can't wait to start on those. My sister has sent me wonderful sea glass from the
Australian coast to work in with the mermaids and today I went out and bought fresh water pearls to match the sea glass. Just can't wait to get started on those! I am hoping I can have a few ready to bring out to the opening weekend of Festival ... which is this coming weekend. The doll only (not including "Wings") is 1/2" X 1 3/4".


Annieta Vries said...

Oh, Ingrid how exciting: it's almost the weekend of th 16th Aug.!!! I wish you a lovely time. I hope there will be a lot of enthousiastic people visiting your space and I hope you sell a lot of your lovely artpieces. Enjoy!

Mary S Hunt said...

this is absolutely adorable!
reminds me of a mer-baby
(mermaid baby)
i love love love your blog
i have been here before but somehow have forgotten to recheck again
but i won't the next time!
you are incredible with the artwork and ideas!

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