Friday, September 05, 2008

Purple Princesses

I just can't seem to make these Steam Punk styled princesses fast enough for the festival. I am not complaining of course, that's wonderful, I just wish I had thought to start them earlier in the season. I have so many ideas for the Elfins in the Steam Punk style. After Festival and some other commitments I believe I will start exploring the possibilities. In the mean time I shall start pulling out the metal wheels, cogs, copper tubing and other various metals to incorporate into the pieces. My head is already spinning with ideas. I'm thinking of some pretty wild contraptions that the Elfins will actually be riding on.


Suzan Buckner said...

Ingrid--these are gorgeous!! You are so bursting with talent!

I LOVE the steampunk stuff!! It is just SO ME.


Sarah said...

WOW these are awesome, your one talented artist.

david santos said...

Very pretty!!!

david santos said...

Fantastic posting!!!

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