Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two new journals

These are two new journals that I am in the process of constructing. The covers are far from done. I have been invited to instruct 2 different workshops next year and I thought it would be a good idea to make journals to hold my sample pages for my proposals and for use as reference for the workshops. The one on the left will be a Steam Punk themed Journal. The Octopus image is actually on the first page of the book. The porthole is glass. The other will be "An Instructional Guide for going Over the Edge", which will house all kinds of edge treatments for journal pages and different shaped pages. Each book is 10 1/2" X 8". Both of these journals are re-purposed loose leaf binders with a few inches taken off the width. These will be perfect for taking pages in and out of for easy reference.

These two journals are made in the same manner as my 2 previous ones. Both are made of recycled materials, most of which I have taken from my recycling bin. The pages are made of thin box board from old cereal boxes and such. Most everything else used are materials I already have on hand. The only new thing I will add will be some laser copies for the images. So often people believe that we need expensive supplies and embellishments to make an effective journal. I'd like to show that we can do it for next to nothing, use up our left overs and recycle at the same time. My only cost so far for the 4 journals is $1.99 for a piece of "to die for" die cut paper. These two new journals will have a slight additional cost of laser prints as I also need to provide these images for workshops I will be instructing. I have found a printer that can do it for a mere 29 cents a sheet ... I can get a LOT of images on one page, so the cost is minimal.


Mar said...

i love octopus in artwork
i don't know why the creatures speak to me
but there it is..

great that you have a workshop of fun to look forward to!

KathrynAntyr said...

Those students will be lucky to have you as an instructor. I love that your mission is to create beautiful journals with everyday items.

Toni Curtis said...

You have inspired me to begin using things around my house instead of buying so much stuff that seems to get stored and forgotten. Your work is wonderful.
I hope you don't mind I tagged you as it is interesting to learn about other artists. The rules are at my blog. Toni

HeArt Collective said...

this is so "me"... i love to "make due" with what i have and of course, by make due i really mean "make FAB"!

thanks for sharing your fun spirit!

Erin K said...

Oh my heck Ingrid. I saw that other journal with the buttons, the one that gobsmacked me because my friend Kim linked it. Then I hit the rest of your blog. this octopus journal is AMAZING. It is going to haunt my dreams. I am an octopus fanatic and this is so cool and fantastic.

gobsmacked again! Spechless.

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