Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A warm tropical breeze?

Aw yes .... we had a lovely brunch at Gino's Surf, over looking Lake St. Clair a few weeks ago ... the palm trees swaying in the breeze ... sun bleached sand ... a tropical breeze. Perhaps not quite a warm tropical breeze, more like bone chilling sub zero temperatures with snow and ice. Look again (photos enlarge), those aren't boats on the water ... there are people ice fishing on the lake with their little shanties beyond the palm trees. Some how this REALLY appeals to my sense of humor.


Mar said...

i get it...i am easily amused too

~Barb~ said...

With Palm Trees in the foreground and ice-fishing in the background, that is too hilarious! What irony.
Peace & Love,

Terri Kahrs said...

The sweet irony of Mother Nature! Too funny!

Beena said...

I'm in Florida, so it's really bizarre to try to associate those palm trees with ice fishing!

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