Friday, April 17, 2009

JournalFest 2009

Registered yet? (image by Teesha Moore)
I'll be teaching -
"Over the Edge"
"An Octopus's Garden"


Jane B. said...

Yes indeedy! I just got my welcome packet in the mail today - I haven't even dared open it yet because it just looks so cool. It isn't an envelope - it's an event :-)

Beena said...

You will be glad to know, that while I'm not registered, I entirely owe it to you and your inspirational blog that I have decided to try making some quilted mixed media journals! I will post the first attempts on my blog within a month! So thank you again for being you, and being such a creative inspiration!

Anonymous said...

My friend Bev turned me on to your site - I love it! Can't wait for JournalFest - I'm signed up for Over the Edge and am really looking forward to it.

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