Thursday, July 30, 2009

Extreme Journaling

The class "Extreme Journaling" is now live and registrations are being taken. It's a 2 day class, November 14th and 15th and will focus on Journal construction and Extreme Journal techniques. Whispering Woodlands (A retreat to nature for the creative mind) is in Verona Wisconsin. From what I have seen this looks like a really beautiful and serene location. Plans are well underway and I am really looking forward to this.


Linda East said...

This workshop looks great Ingrid..I hope you get so many artist that you have to have 2 go girl.
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Linda (Okla)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed so much, the Aug 1 workshop, in Grand Rapids. Like taking a bite of chocolate, I want more. I am getting ready to set things up and practice what we learned. To keep me in pages we may have to go on a cereal diet.
I hope you will come back to G.R. someday... thank you Billie

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