Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Charlevoix, Michigan

I spent a few days up north in Charlevoix, Michigan for a two day Workshop "Over the Edge".
It is still very much Winter there as compared to us heading into Spring. I was surprised that a mere 5 hour drive north would still be so much colder than the Ann Arbor area.
Such a sharp contrast to being on the beach in Key Largo, Florida not even 2 weeks ago!
I have never been to Charlevoix, but have heard it was a beautiful town, and that it is! It is up there on the top of the list of places to move to. I am sharing just a few of the photos I have right now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great workshop. We all enjoyed it and learned a lot.Glad you liked Charlevoix. Come back in the summer.
Babs Young

olive said...

well that looks a fantastic place, Ingrid. Hope you can post piccys of your workshop and more of Charlevoix.... hugs xxx

Elena said...

Bet you missed Key Largo!!! LOL!! Beautiful pictures Ingrid!

Tricia said...

Wonderful photos. Nice to see where you're gallivanting!

Parabolic Muse said...

These are absolutely lovely photos. And wouldn't that hotel/resort? make a beautiful sketch?

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