Friday, April 27, 2012

Mini Art Camp

Yesterday Eve Parsons hosted a mini Art Camp attended by Joy Osterland, Patricia Bober, Brenda Shakleford and myself.  We had a great time.  First we did a bunch of show and tell, carved rubber stamps and then later played around with making our own decorative tape. 
I am still working on my "Bohemian Rhapsody journal"  and have been planning to make a stamp of some sort similar to the button closure on the journal, so this worked out perfectly for me.  I used the stamp on the tape that we made, which of course I will use in the journal.  I love the idea of pulling colors and patterns throughout a journal, as I feel it ties it all together.


pam knutson said...

Hi Ingrid! I love your hand made tape! Can you share
the process? What kind of tape did you use?
Did you stamp or hand draw? What sort of ink or pen?
Loved your colors and patterns and photograph of it all!
Thanks so much,
Pam in Mpls

pamela knutson said...

Hi Ingrid - Here's my email, let's see if it gets to you.
I just sent the email about your fabulous handmade tapes!!

Elena said...

Hi Ingrid!!! Hope you are doing awesome. What kind of tape did you use to create this wonderful decorative tape??

Casey Nelson said...

Love the decorative wonderfully colorful, beautiful!

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