Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ginny's Small Studio Workshop Series

Coming up rather quickly, I will be teaching "The Wall"  and "The Journal Obscura" at Ginny's Small Studio in Westlake, Ohio.  The dates are March 23rd and 24th, 2013.

"The Wall" is a Graffiti inspired accordion journal.  Click here to see more photos.

 "The Journal Obscura" is a journal inspired by the Camera Obscura.  Click here to see more photos.

I am so looking forward to this and I hope you'll join us for one or both of these workshops at Ginny's great studio!  

And if you are unable to join us for these workshops, I do hope you'll at least visit Ginny's shop. Her "eclectic and curious goods" are a feast for the eyes.  My head just spins thinking of all the possibilities! I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.


Maisie Moonshine said...

I would so love to join you for either (both!) of these workshops but being in the UK it's a bit too long a round trip! Will you be blogging any tutorials - if so I'll keep my eyes peeled on my blog roll! I know you will have great fun and I'm soooo envious! LOL. MM x

Katie said...

I love the graffiti wall! Your journals are great!
Just saw the latest in CPS too--those hands are great!

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