Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Mehndi Inspired Hand Book

This video is a flip through of one of my favorite journals (awe heck, I don't know why I say one of my favorites ... they are all my favorites), the Hand Book.  It's inspired by the art of Mehndi. I will be teaching this Workshop at several retreats in 2013 and beyond.  Please check the right hand side-bar of my blog for dates and locations.

Now that I am learning the basics of making videos, I have been working on an on-line tutorial for converting vinyl binders into usable box-board notebooks for journaling. Unfortunately, it won't be available for several weeks as I have to set it aside for a bit. This will be a two part 25 minute video walking you through the entire process, start to finish.


~~Kristal~~ said...

Oh Ingrid.. I can't wait..

Not long now you will be in Virginia beach.. :-) I wasn't able to take any classes this year but I will be a vendor night.. Hope to see you there..


JoyCorcoran said...

I think this is the first journal of yours I saw -- maybe on facebook? I was so wowed by it, I started following your blog. You're a great inspiration.

HEYJUDE said...

Any new news on your online workshops? Hope soon can't wait for the hand book !

HEYJUDE said...

Any news on your online workshop yet? Can't wait

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