Thursday, January 15, 2015

A method to the madness

I have been rebuilding my website for the past week or so. This is years overdue. While I want to maintain the over all look and feel, everything needs reworking ... links, backgrounds, photos re-sized, photos need to be taken and added, etc... The task is truly overwhelming for me.  From the beginning, I wanted to build my own website and manage it  so that I didn't have to rely on anyone else for doing exactly what and when I wanted things done. Now I wonder (for just a moment or two) if that was such a good idea. Above is a photo of how I have ended up graphing out my website (to help maintain my sanity) ... this is only about 1/2 of the planned new website so far.  Below is my desk set up for now. 2 computers, one for web design, the other for photo editing.

While this is a huge undertaking, it will be so worthwhile when it's done.  Please be patient as this is all underway.  Everyday new photos are being added and links (plus everything else) are being corrected.

In the mean time, please visit my website


Eileen Bellomo said...

I look forward to the completed website. I can't imagine the work involved. I have enough trouble keeping up my simple little blog!

JackieP Neal said...

All I have to say is YIKES!! ")

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