Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Art and Soul Portland!

What a crazy busy and exciting time!  All plans are in full gear for Art and Soul in Portland, March 2-8, 2015!  Classes have been added and I will be teaching 4 workshops that I am terribly excited about!

One of the workshops will be "The Wall", a graffiti inspired accordion book.  Speaking of which ... did you see the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" Magazine? There is an article I wrote about graffiti journals with "The Wall" being shown as an example.

The "Mandala Journal" is being offered on Thursday.

By popular demand, "Through the Rabbit Hole" will be on Tuesday.

And the brand new "Over the Edge" (the fun size version) will be on Monday!

My teaching schedule is being dramatically cut back starting this year, so take advantage of the opportunity to take these workshops while you can.

My website is currently under construction and oodles of new photos of these journals are being uploaded as I write this! Be sure to check them out! 

1 comment:

massofhair said...

ALL of your workshops sound amazing must try and find your article in CPS, an excellent issue this time! :-) xxx

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