Friday, May 26, 2006

"So, how do you make them?"

During shows I must be ask this question by 95 % of the people I encounter. Unfortunately, it isn't a cut and dry answer that takes only 15 seconds to answer. I have decided to somewhat document the making of a figure for anyone interested in the process. My biography states that it does take months from concept to completion to create a new figure, but perhaps a more visual representation would be helpful and make things clearer. It would be a difficult concept to grasp if someone was totally unaware of the construction process. Shown here are the molds made from the original clay parts. They take FOREVER to dry before they can be used for pouring. Once they are dry (which usually takes about 2 weeks) liquid clay (slip) is poured into them. After several fillings and required absorption time, the excess clay is then poured out to form a hollow piece. After several hours the pieces dry and harden somewhat and can be removed from the molds. Further drying time is required until the pieces get to the "leather hard" stage. The pouring spouts and seams are removed at this point and the pieces are further refined. The parts are then left to dry for about a week before being loaded in the kiln for firing. A lot of other parts are included in the firing as I always fire with a full kiln to keep my firing costs down.

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Hanna said...

I can't wait to read more about your process! did you make the molds yourself and - how? :-)

don't know how I found your blog but hehe, I will come back

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