Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A new Elfin design

I have been working on a new Elfin. Shown is a freshly poured and assembled Elfin King. His crown will be smaller (This one came from an unfinished Goblin King) and he will be holding a scepter rather than an old paintbrush. But, this gives a basic idea of what he will look like. I'm hoping everything will be dry enough that I can fire tomorrow or Friday before the killer (3 days with Labor day) weekend coming up for Festival. Thanks to my generous and non complaining husband I have 12 of these fabulous bases that I can papier-mache and collage to compliment the figures as well. I'm kinda figuring that he is hoping that these figures don't go over too well. I have the idea he isn't too keen on making a lot more of these pedestals for them .... but I could be wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I love WIPs!

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