Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's always a surprise

Today we made one final trip out to the Renaissance Festival to take care of a few last minute details before opening weekend. Things usually go smoothly, but there is always a surprise or bit of a problem that we have to deal with. Usually it's dealing with creatures that have decided to make our shop a home for the off season and unexpected repairs. We had the standard Hornets nest to contend with and a few minor repairs, but it all went well. What we did not expect was to find a small addition to our building. Upon closer inspection of this, it appears to be a door.... A locked door. We are wondering if this could possibly be one of those fairy doors we have heard about. They seem to be quite prevalent in the Ann Arbor area from what I hear. I have never actually seen one, I have only heard about them. Grant it, we have always been known as the Fairy shop and people have claimed to have seen them flitting about, but I never thought of our place being a home for fairies.

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Keri Pettit said...

What a sweet surprise. Did any of the fairies venture out to say hello while you were there?

Anonymous said...

I've heard about these Fairy's! I wish they'd make there way over to the Roseville, MI area!


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