Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Making a few ATCs

I have joined a few ATC swaps that I am trying to hurry and get done before my sister, Tricia comes. When she gets here we plan on working on charms together and possibly attend a wedding if we have some time. One of the ATC swaps is an ABC swap. I am rather excited about this one as I think it's a fun idea, but I have to admit I have been having trouble with coming up with ideas that I am really pleased with. This house photo is an old one of "The Baker House" (which at one time was painted pink) in town. I got the
image from the historic museum archives awhile back. After making the cards, which are actually shaped liked the house, I put a thin layer of gesso mixed with a glaze over them and then sanded them. This gave them much more of a vintage look. This Egg card is quite thick. The image of the egg is actually suspended in the frame (which has many layers of paint and has been sanded a bit) with string that is wrapped around the frame to hold it in place. The frame is edged in a metallic gold, which sets it off nicely. I really like working with shaped cards and the more dimensional egg card, rather
sets them apart from the regular ATCs. This next card is not for a swap, but just kind of happened. It is probably my favorite cards that I have made recently. The image is actually a laser copy of a spread made in the first Altered Book I ever made. After all this time it's still one of my favorites. I am enjoying this somewhat free time experimenting with charms and working on ATCs, but after my sisters visit I'm back to working on inventory for festival and can hopefully get back to the collage dolls that have been on hold for so very long. The rest of my ATCs can be viewed on the web site -


Hanna said...

Your atc's are lovely, I like both the egg and the house card very much!

Ruth Rae said...

I would love to do a little atc trade with you!
I have been a big fan of your work on your website and am so happy to see you have a blog :)
please let me know if you would like to trade :)

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