Friday, February 09, 2007

Having far too much fun.

Yesterday I went out to the Charm Wholesale House (as we call it) with 2 of my favorite people in the world (being my Sister and my Sister-in-law). We had far too much fun and spent far too much money. We found some wonderful "stuff" and have been soldering up a storm. There was quite a bit of difficulty with the whole process at first. We had a lot of problem cutting the glass microscope slides until we chucked the $1.29 cutter from the local hardware store and invested in a $40 replacement. Made all the difference in the world....worth every penny. Soldering has also presented it's own challenges, but we have worked out the problems and it is going smoothly now. Can't wait to see what all we end up making ... it's bound to be a surprise.

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cookievf said...

Ingrid -

We did an ATC trade once, and I have always been an admirer!!

So glad to "rediscover" your blog and your soldering adventures. This charm is a BEAUTY, girlfriend!

And thanks for the tip you gave on the importance of spending more $$ for a quality glass cutter. It's something I am anxious to try.

Any suggestions WHERE to shop for supplies?

My new blog:

- Vicki from CT

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