Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Muse has her ways

I just finished this Journal page for the Art Garage. I did a similar journal page in these colors a few days ago and am just in love with this color combina- tion ... it's my absolute favorite. That, I am sure will change. I am always in love with whatever color I am working with and my favorite color changes daily. One more Art Garage journal after this one and this project is finished. Have to admit I will miss the anticipation of each new journal coming my way, but it is time to move on to other things.


Lauren said...

Hi I founf your blog through other and I just wanted to say that you created amazing items I'm truly blown away!!! Great Job!!!

cookievf said...

Love your journal entry, the vibrant colors and, as always, your amazing talent! Looks like a sweet little journal. Can you share a link to Art Garage? I searched for it unsuccessfully.

- Vicki

PS 4 mos ago, we traded ATCs! My "love takes flight" & "eternity" for your "life of bees" and "by words..." Would love it if you'd click on my blog for a visit! :^D

Elenturi said...

I really like the quote you used on those two pages. It is very true.

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