Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just a few journal pages

I just learned of a " Call for Sub- missions" for a book tentatively titled "1,000 Artist Journal Pages". That just sounds too wonderful! So, here I go again, setting aside the collage dolls AGAIN to work on something else. Although I have to admit journaling is my favorite thing in the whole world to do! Just a few days for this and then back to the collage dolls that are going oh so very well. Spent the past few days making up a bunch of wire wings for them. But only after searching all over "MFE" for new solder iron tips, only to learn they are ONLY available on the Internet for $10 a piece! I don't think so! Ended up buying yet another soldering iron and several new tips as well. I swear, if it isn't one thing it's another!
For more journal photos -


Kari said...

Wonderful pages! I love the colours and the zettiness!

Kari x

Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid!
The pages are great--I especially like the hands.

Patty said...

love your work!
and thanks for the lovely comments on MMCA site, regarding my "pink mandala" - I'm having a lot of fun with the circular-themed pieces.
would you be willing to share more info. about the "1000 artist journal pages" book.
I would possible submit some work...
have linked to your blog on mine, and look forward to reading/seeing more of your work,
Patty O'Rourke

Aleada Aine said...

I love your work, the use of color and bold technique, you Rock!
thanks for the commentary, I want to make a book and I may use your perfect book info to approach this project, thanks for sharing.

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