Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flotsam - Page #7 and #8

Just needed a little break from making the Elfins. I love making them, but need a break once in awhile. I decided to do a few quick journal pages as it's my favorite thing to do. These are a bit lacking in style, but were still fun to do. I am half way done with this journal already. The next one I make I probably should include more pages, but then again that's half the fun is making a whole new journal to work in. This one was supposed to be for the collection of found objects I would find on my walks. Well, turns out there really aren't that many interesting found objects to be found in an immaculately maintained historical town. besides there are too many other beautiful things to look at than just the ground.


Lindart said...

Ingrid, I love your journals, have from the day I saw the first one. I would take a class from you in a shot, if I lived anywhere near you! I would love to know (even though you've told me before) how you make a background pop the way you do, such as the orange one (May 30th I think?) and the purple one that is next. I would love to see an online (in your blog) tutorial of how you achieve that effect, just take photos each step and say what you are doing, I think a lot of people would love that!! I've been doing that lately with some other things I've been playing with on my blog.
Lots of Hugs!!
Linda C (Composition Journals Yahoo Group)

Mary Ann said... to drop by and read your journals. It always feels like spying. I love the way you fill the pages with words.

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