Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Elfin Scribes

I have been working on a few Elfin Scribes. I am having trouble getting good photos of them, but that is always the case. I wish I could just cram them in the scanner as I do the books. Those always come out good. I really have to work on my photography skills. If I were wealthy I would just take everything to the photographer and have him/her handle it ... in my next life I suppose. These two Elfins are my first Scribes. I have been planning on making them for quite some time, so I was very happy to get to them now. I am planning on making some of the Elfin Kings next as those were quite popular last season at Festival. I have several bases made up already for
the seated ones and I will also making a few standing ones. After that I will make a few Elfins on swings. I am running low on the marabou feathers. My color selection is rather limited at the moment, so I should place an order for them tomorrow. I went to the "Charm" wholesale house a couple of times when Tricia was visiting so I have a lot of new fun stuff to work with. A lot of the charms are new ones that I have never had before. They have such an amazing
selection that it is so hard to decide what to buy. I try always to be as practical as I can be, but it's hard when you want to buy everything they have. Not only is the stuff wonderful for these Elfins, there are about a million other wonderful things
you can use the charms for ... like jewelry ... and books .... I can't think of the rest of their possible uses right off the cuff, but I know they exist. Years ago I made several very large dolls with books and remembered how much fun it was making smaller
books. Now I have made even smaller books for these Scribes. I just used some old Japanese pages for the pages as I just really like the way it looks. The letters have such elegant shapes. I have not the slightest clue what the original Japanese book was about, although I believe it was a novel of some sort.

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Annieta Vries said...

Your photo's are not bad at all! They even show the details very well. They are beautiful.
Funny how new stuff tickels you to make new art, ísn't it? At least it works that way with me! You probable can't wait to create!!! Have fun!
Greetings, Annieta Vries

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