Thursday, August 20, 2009

ATCs in "An Octopus's Garden" Journal

This is my SteamPunk influenced journal "An Octopus's Garden". I have learned that cutting a column off a page of Trading card sheets makes for a perfect fit in my converted notebook Journals. What a fun way to incorporate some favorite ATCs into a journal! The more I work with these notebook binders the more I like them. They are so incredibly versatile. The rest of this journal notebook can be viewed here.


Mary said...

Ingrid you journal are so full of visual yumminess !! If that is a word??

Ingrid Dijkers said...

hmmm, not sure, but I like it, so let's make it one!

Seth said...

Looking great!!

Jane said...

Great idea!
We artist are good at thinking outside the box :)
I curated an exhibition on atc's /aceo's in 2005.
I took a A3 size artist plastic portfolio sleeve and stitched it up and down to create individual pockets, slit the top of each little pocket so that the cards would fit.
Then I just hung them up to display the cards.

Mar said...

i am with you!
the ring binders make excellent journal keepers
especially with the recycling use of boxes..(which i caught from you!)thank you

you can also rearrange the pages
you can't do that with bound journals

Sarah Anderson said...

what a fab idea; i love journals that have different sizes and textures of paper and this really makes that happen! Love your blog, just discovered journalfest and checked out the tutors and found you :) Brill. Now looking forward to reading your article in Art Journaling

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a clever, clever idea.

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