Monday, August 24, 2009

Michigan Renaissance Festival

And so begins another season at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I can't believe it, but this is our 17 year there ... where does the time go?! We are off to another slow start, but hopefully things will pick up as the season progresses. The first 2 weekends are historically very slow.
We have made a new display unit to hang on the front of the building that will house our "Fairy Eggs"... Delightful little necklaces with a fairy, trinkets and quote all encased in glass. In a rush to get things ready for opening day the necklaces were rather hastily hung inside the cabinet. It will be spruced up further. I plan to put some leaves and lacy, feathery type fabric along the inside edges of the case, that will add some intrigue and soften the look up a bit. The fairy imagery was made by my late father and was part of an old display unit he had made for me years ago.


Mar said...

great display case! presentation is
you don't have any of those adorable little fairy creatures on your etsy site
do you sell them other than at the faire?

Pat said...

I want to live in your adorable little house! Good luck at the festival.

Rosanne said...

I can hardly wait till we get to go to the Festival. I have you first on my list of what I want to see there.

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