Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Art and Soul" - Virginia Beach,VA

I spent the morning making these fun promo banners to share on FaceBook. ... really wish I had done it sooner, but I have been so crazy busy, (and loving every minute of it!) that there has been no time.  I just got home from Dallas a few days ago and will be off again to Virginia Beach in a few days.

While I was in Dallas, I made a new friend that introduced me to a new editing program that I am over the top thrilled about.  I have been using an antiquated version of Adobe Photoshop for a few years now.  I have had a love/hate relationship with it from the beginning.  As a result of using this older version, (as I can not make head or tales of the newer versions, nor do I want to spent every waking moment of the rest of may life trying to.) I have to run it on an ancient computer.

I now have a new computer on it's way and am very happy.  Many thanks Linda! In the mean time, I am off to unpack from Dallas and repack for Virginia Beach!  Phew! ... lots of work, but SOOO much fun!  Hope you'll join us in Virginia!


Dylanbug said...

I'm joining two of your workshops in Portland, OR next spring and am SOOO excited!

Thanks for working so hard to provide these workshops, they are truly appreciated!


Jacqueline said...

In Ingrid, What is the name of the new program that you like. I agree that the learning curve is just too steep sometimes. Who has the time to always update when we should be painting!?

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